Questions for Organisers

Selling tickets

  • Do I need to wait a long time before I can sell tickets?

    No, you only need few minutes to connect to your Facebook page and create your tickets. Once this is done, there is no activation period. You will be able to sell your tickets as soon as you have created your Stripe account.

  • Can I create several kinds of tickets?

    Yes. Preesale allows you to create an unlimited number of different categories. For each category you can choose the price, the date where sales begin, and the number of tickets.

  • What do tickets look like ?

    Tickets are exclusively electronic. Your participants can print them or show them directly on their smartphone screen for scanning at the entrance of your event. Indeed, tickets have an unique QR-code which have to be scanned with the Preesale mobile application. You can also find on the ticket : the logo, name, address and date of your event, the name of the participant as well as any information you decided to add when you created your ticket.

  • Is it also possible to sell paper tickets via Preesale?

    No. Preesale is a fully electronic ticket selling system. You do have the ability to rent printers, Bancontact terminals, and other devices directly at the entrance of your event. If you do wish to rent devices, please contact us.

  • Which currency can I use to sell my tickets?

    You can choose between euro and dollar. You can switch currency by clicking on the blue icon at the right of the name of your page on the dashboard, then by clicking « modify account ».

  • Can I also use Preesale for a free event?

    Yes. Preesale allows you to freely choose the price of your various categories of tickets with free as an option. Those will not cost you anything. You can also create VIP « guests » tickets and offer the entry for some people. Preesale is also useful for free events as this allows you to make a database of your participants

My event

  • What support do you offer to our participants?

    Besides a specific FAQ for participants, we offer online help by email and by instant chat between 9AM and 5:30PM from Monday to Friday. We also try to answer as fast as we can during weekends and during our opening hours. Our average answering time is only 1hour.

  • What do I do if I have to cancel or postpone my event?

    Do not forget to inform your participants. If you postpone your event, you can do it easily via your Facebook event. Purchased tickets will remain valid. If you want to perform a repayment of one or more tickets, please contact us.

  • How can I include Preesale on my website ?

    The online ticket office can be easily and quickly included on your website. As for including the ticket shop on Facebook, you just have to copy the link provided on your dashboard and post it wherever you want to sell your tickets (websites, articles, blogs...)

  • What are the payment methods for the participants?

    The online buying of tickets is possible via Bancontact/Mister Cash, Maestro MasterCard, Visa, or American Express. Preesale allows a secured, easy, and fast payment without the necessity of creating an account or using a Digipass.

  • Can I use another system besides Preesale?

    We advise you not to do so, because this would confuse your participants. In some cases, however, we authorize it. For example, if you are still under contract with another supplier or if you desire to make a physical ticket office to sell tickets the day of your event. In any case, please inform us before beginning sales.

Costs and Cashing

  • What are Preesale's costs?

    Using our system is entirely free and doesn’t require commitment from organizers. A commission is taken for each ticket sold at 10% of the price of the ticket, no matter the payment method. You have the option to charge your participants this cost. Selling tickets is consequently free of any cost.

  • When will I receive money from my sales?

    The time needed for the money transfer follows Stripe’s terms and conditions. You will receive your sales cash on your Stripe account within 7 days after receiving payment. You have the ability to choose the period (daily, weekly or monthly) for receiving your grouped income. Preesale's commission is automatically taken from each ticket before the transfer of money on your Stripe account. The transfer from your Stripe account to your bank account takes on average 48 hours.

  • Is Stripe secure?

    Stripe is an american company partially financed by PayPal. Stripe respects all security standards. A lot of big companies trust them (Twitter, Dailymotion, Pinterest, Deliveroo, Kickstarter, Shopify). For more information, please visit Stripe's security page.

Entries Management

  • How do I scan tickets?

    Scanning tickets at the entrance of your event is done very simply thanks to the Preesale mobile application (available on App Store and Play Store). With your own smartphone or tablet you will be able to directly scan the tickets. Do not forget to take your charger to scan tickets during the whole event.

  • What can I do if there is no internet connection at the place of the event?

    No problem. It s obviously easier to control the entries with an internet or data connection. But if there isn’t one, you can use the offline mode of the Preesale application. If you do so, do not forget to download the database of your sold tickets first. You can do so directly via the application by using the four digit code available on your dashboard.

  • I do not have any scanning device. What can I do?

    We rent smartphones and tablets for the scanning process. At the price of 30€ EX per device and day of location, given with charger but without internet subscription. If you are interested in renting our devices, please contact us.

Users data

  • What is the participant database about?

    With Preesale, you can collect a lot of useful information about people who participate in your event such as their email address or phone number. You also have access to graphics and statistics on people who bought the tickets.

  • What is that data useful for?

    That data can be very interesting to communicate around your event (for logistics information for example) or to promote your future events. This is why it is also very interesting even for your free events.

  • Is it possible to export that data?

    Yes, you can download the data from the participants tab in your dashboard, by clicking on « export data ».